Last lunch of the year

By Naomi Barbour

The weather is finally getting a little cooler. Crunchy leaves are covering the pavements – nature’s way of telling us our vacation is getting closer. Before we disperse around the globe to relax and enjoy a break, it’s important to reflect on the year and think about what we might want to do differently next year. It’s also important, though, to celebrate our successes. As a teacher recently said on Larry Ferlazzo’s blog: “Rarely does someone stop to say, “Thank you.  I really appreciate all the things you are doing.”  Teachers have to find our own motivation and satisfaction with the work.” So our last HS Language and Learning Center lunch of the year focused on sharing a success story and receiving a bit of recognition for a job well done.

Teachers shared stories of the work they’ve done over the year to support our ELL and Academic Support students. Sometimes this was over the entire academic year, with the fruits of their labour finally becoming apparent. Other times it was a new strategy or protocol that brought about a sudden improvement. At all times, the dedication and good humour of the teachers was clear to all. We finished by giving each other a pat on the back and enjoying delicious Oreo Cake and Brownies, baked by LSAs Majo Correa and Belen Rivero y Hornos.

We plan to continue with these monthly lunches next year and hope you will be able to join us.



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