Shock News: Teachers Voluntarily Add Extra Meeting to Their Day

By Naomi Barbour

Who said collaboration can’t be fun? Who said it can’t be about getting together with your colleagues to chat in a relaxed environment? Who said it can’t involve Blueberry Crisp, Coco-Dulce de Leche Delights and Lemon and Lime Tart? Well, no one of course, but it is also possible that you didn’t know you could collaborate with your colleagues in this way.

Untitled presentation

Our first lunch about “Building Background”. From left to right: Flor Parma (LSA), Ivy Romero (ICP), Helen Paul (English), Laura Rock (Learning Coach), Majo Correa (LSA), Dr. Alvaro Peña (Biology), MaJo Schamun (Spanish), Alli Poirot (Social Studies), and Silvina Fernandez (Spanish-Service Learning)

The High School Language and Learning Center has been hosting lunches once a month this semester. Our objectives are simple: have a bite to eat with colleagues (including delicious homemade desserts), get to know each other better, and share our ideas in order to improve student learning. During our first session in February, we looked at the importance of building background and discussed different ways to do it. In March our focus shifted to checking for understanding and we created a list of different strategies to use for this purpose. Our latest meeting covered effective feedback. As the High School will be launching a new Assessment Philosophy next academic year, we see this as one of the areas that we will definitely be working on as part of changing assessment practices.

Next month’s meeting will be our last for this academic year. We hope you’ll be able to join us on Friday May 19th to share something that worked well for you this year – a success story from your classroom. Maybe this involves something you have done that you feel enhanced understanding for a student, improved a student’s overall performance, and/or how collaboration was beneficial to the classroom, or maybe you can share one of those wonderful lessons when it all happened to come together beautifully.

We look forward to seeing you!



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